Leslie Fontenot REALTOR® RE/MAX Commercial Practioner leslie@matthewguzman.team (346) 773-5976

License: 755503
Language: English

Leslie is born and raised in Houston, Texas. She has 20+ years in the energy industry as a business analyst. Her background in the corporate world was a great fit to segue into commercial real estate and she is loving her new career. With RE/MAX she found herself empowered with choice and opportunity for maximum career expansion with a brand people can trust.

Leveraging the RE/MAX built-in marketplace and a global network, Leslie is able to give her clients an all-inclusive experience, putting herself in her client's shoes to help them achieve their business goals.

As a RE/MAX Commercial Practitioner, Leslie brings a high level of integrity, honesty, loyalty, and trust to all her clients—a true sign of a RE/MAX agent. She understands the value of each transaction, large or small, to maximize her client's business potential.

When Leslie is not helping clients, she is actively involved in charities such as food bank drives, homeless giveaways, rehab for humanity and loves spending time with the elderly.


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